From: Rikk Desgres 
Date: 4 Jun 1995 21:57:14 GMT
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J.R Blackmore  "Still Holding On"  Label: Antares    Number: ewm 41462

After hearing of this album only through the net, curiosity got the best 
of me to day when I spotted J. R. Blackmore "Still Holding On", at a 
record show.  The front cover has a drawing of the front end of a yellow 
Corvette with J.R. Blackmore Group written on the hood, and Still 
Holding On in script above the car in red.  A back cover picture of the 
junior Blackmore reveals features similar to his fathers.  He is posed 
sitting on the hood of the yellow Corvette dressed all in black, his 
hair curly, and to his shoulder, looking strikingly like Ritchie.

As I slipped the disc into the holder thoughts of Juilian Lennon, and 
the Nelson Brothers, flashed through my head.  Would I be disappointed?  
The first song "Never To Late" opened with a guitar bit very similar to 
"Street Of Dreams"  The rest of the song carried that reminder.  The 
vocalist Michael Bomann sounds like a cross between Joe Lynn Turner, and 
Graham Bonnet, but with a little more emphasis on the former.  "Nothing 
Burns Forever" starts off with a "Battle Rages On" type riff, J=9Frgen's 
guitar tone is close to his fathers, but has yet to have that feel, but 
he comes close.  The solo in "Wild And Free" has hints of "Highway 
Star".  "Here We Go" is a solid rocker, my favorite on the disc, has a 
high harmony not unlike Sweet.

Overall the music reminds me of Joe Lynn Turner era Rainbow, but not as 
clean and flowing.  These pop metal songs sound a little forced.  J.R. 
has the chops, but the song writing needs a bit of work.  Hearing this 
disc makes me wonder what the senior Blackmore might be up to.  I wonder 
what a Ritchie, and J=9Frgen collaboration might sound like.  Should you 
buy this album?  If your curios, sure why not!!!  If you like the pop 
metal of the 80's, you may like it.  Maybe we could compare this to the 
music Ritchie did with the Outlaws.  If it is such a training ground, 
and J.R. gets some good breaks it's possible that we could hear more of 
him in the future.

Rikk Desgres 

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