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A Band Downunder

Australia 1999 TMM/Thames Talent [1VHS]

People: Ian Gillan (vcl), Roger Glover (bss), Jon Lord (kbr), Steve Morse (gtr), Ian Paice (drm), and others.

This is a rockumentary telling the story of Deep Purple's 1999 tour in Australia. The entire thing is also available as bonus material on the DVD release of Total Abandon.


  1. The evolution of the band
    Including interviews with Ian Paice and Ian Gillan
  2. DP Live - Bulgaria 1998, South America 1997
  3. Seventh heaven
    Live track recorded during the House of Blues tour 1998.
  4. DP commercial Australian TV
    Followed by "Into The Fire" recorded live during the House of Blues tour 1998.
  5. MTV Australian Special
    Followed by a live version of "When a blind man cries" recorded during the House of Blues tour 1998.
  6. Ian Gillan's walkabout / Interview at Fraser Island
    Includes rehearsal for the "Hey Hey It's Saturday" TV show and a live version of &qut;Strange Kind Of Woman" recorded in Australia 1999.
  7. John Laws interview
    Apropos the 70s: "We weren't drunk. We just drank a lot."
  8. Ted the mechanic
    Recorded live in Adelaide during April 1999. Not complete.
  9. Roger Glover interview
    Interviewed by Andrew Jarman for Channel 7.
  10. "Hey Hey It's Saturday" rehearsals
    Including bits of "Smoke On The Water".
  11. Triple MMM Radio interview
    Interviews with Roger Glover and Steve Morse.