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Doing Their Thing...

Japan 198- Warner [1VHS]
Canada/US 198- Castle Music Pictures CMP-3001 [1VHS]
Europe 1990 Castle Music Pictures CMP-6010 [1VHS]
Europe 199- Castle Music Pictures CMP-3001 [1VHS]

Japanese Issue

Europe CMP-6010

Europe CMP-3001

People: Ritchie Blackmore (gtr), Ian Gillan (vcl), Roger Glover (bss), Jon Lord (kbr) and Ian Paice (drm).

Recorded by Granada Television on 21st August 1970 and later aired on some or other UK TV show.


  1. Speed king (Paice/Lord/Blackmore/Gillan/Glover) 3.00 / 3.58
    Includes just the last verse.
  2. Child in time (Paice/Lord/Blackmore/Gillan/Glover) 9.30 / 9.33
    The only full length track.
  3. Wring that neck (Lord/Simper/Blackmore/Paice) 4.12 / 6.16
    Heavily edited. No, not heavenly... heavily!
  4. Mandrake root (Lord/Evans/Blackmore) 9.06 / 5.47
    Includes just Blackmore's finishing solo... but my oh my what a solo!

The first set of timings are taken from the sleeve, the second set as clocked by a stop watch.