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Live Encounters...

Poland September 2004 Metal Mind MMLPBOX0002 [3LP]
Poland September 2004 Metal Mind MMLPBOX0003 [3LP, purple vinyl]

Black vinyl edition

Purple vinyl edition

Performed live in Katowice by:

  • Ian Gillan vocals & harmonica
  • Roger Glover bass & acoustic guitar
  • Jon Lord keyboards
  • Steve Morse guitars
  • Ian Paice drums

Recorded live on the 3rd of June 1996 in Katowice, Poland.

The audio recording has been released in three limited versions: 3 LPs (ordinary vinyl), 3 LPs (purple vinyl) and 2 CDs (the latter only available with the DVD). It has a bonus track "No one came", which has been left off the DVD.


  1. Fireball
  2. Maybe I'm a Leo
  3. Ted the mechanic
  4. Pictures of home
  5. Black night
  6. Cascades: I'm not your lover / Steve Morse's solo
  7. Sometimes I feel like screaming
  8. Woman from Tokyo
  9. No one came
  10. Rosa's cantina
  11. Smoke on the water / Jon Lord's solo
  12. When a blind man cries
  13. Speed king
  14. Perfect strangers
  15. Hey Cisco
  16. Highway star