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US 1980 DSDR Music AG-5320 [12" EP]

Deep Purple Live

Germany February 1985 EMI Records PD-83008 [12" picture EP]
Holland 1985 DGR-1006 [12" EP]

Live on Stage

Netherlands 1985 Masters DGR-1006 [12" EP]


Deep Purple Live

An EP compilation of Mk III material. All tracks come from the live album Made in Europe 1976.

This has appeared with three different titles in (at least) four different countries. There's a further fourth one called Made in Europe which contains an identical set of tracks, but in different order.


  1. Burn 7:32
  2. Stormbringer 5:38
  3. Lady Double Dealer 4:15
    The Dutch release has misnamed this track "Lady Trouble Dealer" on label & sleeve.
  4. Mistreated 11:40