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The Interview Album

US 1985 Mercury/Polygram SA-055 [1LP radio promo]

A radio promo. This contains interviews with Mk IIa done by Tommy Vance on BBC Radio One plus a few tracks from Perfect Strangers 1984. The interviews are also available on some 12" edits of "Knockin' At Your Back Door" (see in the Singles Bar).


  1. Interview with Jon Lord followed by:
    Knocking at your back door 16.15
  2. Interview with Ritchie Blackmore followed by:
    Under the gun 12.45
  3. Interview with Roger Glover followed by:
    Perfect strangers 9.36
  4. Interview with Ian Paice followed by:
    Nobody's home 7.48
  5. Interview with Ian Gillan 5.00
  6. Close of show 2.13