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Jack Ruby

Words & music by Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, Jon Lord, Steve Morse and Ian Paice

Ah there's no method in my madness, no craft, no guile
No expertise, no self assuring smile
No wizardry or witchcraft, no crass deceit
No dark conspiracies, I stand on my own two feet
I'm coming through just like Jack Ruby-yeah-hey

And I'm ragged around the edges but I got control
There's no way around it and I got control
I reach out for my program, still got control
Straight down to business, who needs control
I've got panache just like Jack Ruby

I don't beg forgiveness, I don't beg at all
And I beg to differ 'cos I got the ball
There was no invitation, you're not the type
And what's gone, it ain't worth having, kiss it all goodbye
Right on the money just like Jack Ruby-yeah-hey