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Houston Wells

Ramona (EP 1964)

  1. Ramona (Wayne/Gilbert)
  2. Girl down the street (Wells)
  3. I wonder who's kissing her now (Howard/Adams/Hough)
  4. Nobody's child (Foree/Coben)

The Complete Houston Wells (compilation 1993)

  1. This song is just for you (Williams/Harris)
  2. Paradise (Stepehns/Willsher)
    "Stepehns" should read "Stephens".
  3. Shutters & boards (Murphy/Turner)
  4. North wind (Meek)
  5. Only the heartaches (Walker/Kennedy/Day)
  6. Can't stop pretending (Wells/Stephens)
  7. Blowin' wild (Tiomkin/Webster)
  8. Crazy dreams (Wells)
  9. Anna Marie (Walker)
  10. Moon watch over my baby (Meek)
  11. I won't go hunting with you Jake (Hamblen)
  12. You left me with a broken heart (unknown)
  13. Call me another time (Stephens)
  14. Squaws along the Yukon (Smith)
  15. Little black book (Dean)
  16. Kissin' tree (unknown)
  17. I'll be your sweetheart for a day (unknown)
  18. Best job yet (Ford)
  19. Strangers (unknown)
  20. We're gonna go fishin' (Atchison)
  21. All for the love of a girl (Horton)
  22. I'm gonna change everything (Zanetis)
  23. Behind the footlights (Emerson)
  24. Galway Bay (Colahan)
  25. Ramona (Wayne/Gilbert)
    With Blackmore on guitar.
  26. Girl down the street (Wells)
    With Blackmore on guitar.
  27. I wonder who's kissing her now (Howard/Adams/Hough)
    With Blackmore on guitar.
  28. Nobody's child (Foree/Coben)
    With Blackmore on guitar.

The tracks have been digitally remastered at Abbey Road. Compiled and annotated by Roger Dopson.