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Joe Lynn Turner

Rescue You (1985)

  1. Losin you (Turner/Greenwood) 4.28
  2. Young hearts (Turner/Greenwood) 3.52
  3. Prelude/Endlessly (Turner/Newman) 0.57/3.40
  4. Rescue you (Turner/Greenwood) 4.34
  5. Feel the fire (Turner/Greenwood) 3.27
  6. Get tough (Turner/Delia) 4.33
  7. Eyes of love (Turner) 3.47
  8. On the run (Turner/Greenwood) 3.54
  9. Soul searcher (Turner/Greenwood/Newman) 4.07
  10. The race is on (Turner/Greenwood) 3.25

"This album is dedicated to Richard Mason Blakemore" who had died some time prior to the recording of this album. Recorded and mixed at Beartrack Studios in Suffern NY by Ian Taylor, assisted by Kenneth Lonas. Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound in New York. Produced by Roy Thomas Baker.

Nothing's Changed (1995)

  1. Promise of love
  2. I believe
  3. Bad blood
  4. Imagination
  5. Baby's got a habit
  6. Satisfy me
  7. All or nothing at all
  8. Save a place
  9. Nothing's changed
  10. Liviana's intro
    Liviana is the name of Joe Lynn's daughter. In fact, the entire album is dedicated to her.
  11. The last thing
  12. Let me love you again
  13. Knock knock

Produced by Al Pitrelli and Joe Lynn Turner, with Mark Wexler as executive producer.

Under Cover (US 1997)

  1. We're an American band (Don Brewer) 3.32
    Originally done by Grand Funk. Featuring Al Pitrelli.
  2. Freedom (Hendrix) 4.04
    Originally done by Jimi Hendrix.
  3. Fire and water (A. Fraser/P. Rodgers) 4.57
    Originally done by Free.
  4. Street of dreams (R. Blackmore/J. Turner) 5.14
    Originally done by Rainbow.
  5. Fortunate son (J. Foggerty) 3.34
    Originally done by Credence Clearwater Revival.
  6. Vehicle (J. M. Peterik) 2.56
    Originally done by Ides of March. Featuring Bill Harris, Don Harris and John Fumalosi.
  7. Hush (J. South) 4.11
    Originally done by Billy Joe Royal and later covered by Deep Purple.
  8. Unchained melody (H. Zaret/A. North) 3.49
    Originally done by the Righteous Brothers.
  9. Chained (F. Wilson) 3.40
    Originally done by Marvin Gaye.
  10. Medley 6.44
  11. Thief in the night (R. Blackmore/J. Turner/D. La Rue) 3.49
    Originally done by Fandango. "Blackmore" in the credits should read "Blakemore".
  12. Deal with the preacher (M. Ralphs/P. Rodgers) 4.51
    Originally done by Bad Company. Featuring Al Pitrelli.
  13. Sunshine of your love (P. Brown/J. Bruce/E. Clapton) 4.16
    Originally done by Cream. Featuring Karl Cochran.

Turner recorded this set of covers commemorating some of his influences. Apparently there are one or more bonus tracks on the Japanese release (as usual). Recorded and mixed at Unique Recording Studios in NYC. Mixed and engineered by Fernando Kral. Mastered at Masterdisk by Scott Hull. produced by Bob Held, Fernando Kral and Joe Lynn Turner.

Under Cover 2 (1999)

  1. Lady double dealer
  2. Wishing well
  3. Helter skelter
  4. Rock bottom
  5. Waiting for a girl like you
  6. Movin' on
  7. Rock 'n' roll, hoochie koo
  8. The boys are back in town
  9. Born to be wild
  10. The race is on
  11. Fool for your loving
  12. Mississippi queen
  13. Lost in Hollywood