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Screaming Lord Sutch

Hands Of Jack The Ripper (1971)

  1. Gotta keep a-rocking (Sutch) 4.28
  2. Roll over Beethoven (Berry) 2.30
  3. Country Club (Sutch) 3.16
  4. Hands of Jack the Ripper (Sutch) 9.15
  5. Good Golly Miss Molly (Calhoun) 4.40
  6. Great balls of fire (Hammer/Blackwell) 3.50
  7. Bye bye Johnny/Johnny B. Goode (Berry) 4.00
  8. Tutti frutti medley 5.06

Recorded live at Carlshalton Park Rock 'n' Roll Festival, with the Pye Mobile Recording Unit, somtime during early June 1971. Engineered by Vic Maile. Remixed by Andy Hendrickson at Command Studios in London. Produced by Lord Sutch & Vic Maile.

Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages (compilation 1991)

  1. 'Til the folowing night (Wallace)
  2. Jack the Ripper (Stacey/Haggins/Simmons)
  3. She's fallen in love with the monsterman (Stevens)
  4. Dracula's daughter (Zeffert/Day)
  5. Monster in black tights (Goddard/Meek)
  6. Purple people eater (Wooley)
  7. Good Golly Miss Molly (Marascalgo/Blackwell/Martinez)
  8. Don't you just know it (Smith/Vincent)
  9. I'm a hog for you baby (Leiber/Stoller)
  10. Come back baby (Sutch)
  11. The train kept a-rollin' (Bradshaw/Mann/Kay)
    With Blackmore on lead guitar.
  12. Honey hush (Turner)
    With Blackmore on lead guitar.
  13. Bye bye baby (Otis)
  14. You don't care (Sutch)
  15. All black & hairy (Sutch)
  16. Murder in the graveyard (Sutch)
  17. London rocker (Sutch)
  18. Loony rock (Sutch)

The tracks have been digitally remastered at Abbey Road Studios in London during August/Sepetember 1991.