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Cozy Powell

Octopuss (1983)

  1. Up on the downs (Mel Galley/Powell) 3.56
  2. 633 squadron (Ron Goodwin) 4.13
  3. Octopuss (Powell/Colin Hodgkinson) 5.54
  4. The big country (Jerome Moross/Morty Neff/Jack Lewis) 2.57
  5. Formula one (Mel Galley/Powell) 3.32
  6. Princetown (Mel Galley/Powell) 4.37
  7. Dartmoore (Gary Moore) 5.42
  8. The rattler (David Coverdale/Powell) 2.58

Recorded at Britannia Row studios in London during September/October 1982. Produced by Nick Griffiths & Cozy Powell.

The Drums Are Back (1992)

  1. The drums are back (Powell/Geoff Nicholls) 4.19
    Featuring Steve Makin on guitar.
  2. Ride to win (Jamie Page) 3.45
    Featuring Brian May on guitar.
  3. I wanna hear you shout (Gerry Lane) 3.38
    Featuring Jamie Page on guitar.
  4. Light in the sky/Return of the 7 (Airey/Powell) 6.04
    Featuring Steve Lukather on guitar.
  5. Battle hymn (Powell/Nicholls) 4.43
    Featuring Steve Makin on guitar.
  6. Legend of the glass mountain (Nino Rota) 5.05
    With Powell on drums, Steve Lukather on guitar, Billy Sheehan on bass, Jeff Francis on keys & Jon Lord on hammond.
  7. Cryin' (Gerry Lane) 4.53
    Featuring Jamie Page on guitar & Gerry Lane on vocals.
  8. Classical gas (Mason Williams) 3.17
    Featuring Ray Fenwick on keyboards & guitar.
  9. Somewhere in time (Powell/Nicholls/Steve Makin) 3.51
    Featuring Brian May on guitar.
  10. The rocket (Powell/Nicholls) 3.34
    With Powell on drums, Steve Makin on guitar & bass, Geoff Nicholls on keys, plus Jon Lord on hammond.

Produced by Cozy Powell for Mystery Prod.