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John Norum

Face The Truth (1991)

  1. Face the truth (Norum/Hughes) 4.17
  2. Night buzz (Norum/Hildén/Meldrum) 3.22
  3. In yur eyes (Norum/Baltes/Hughes) 3.45
  4. Opium trail (Gorham/Lynott/Downey) 4.00
  5. We will be strong (Norum/Tempest/Haggerty) 4.12
  6. Good man shining (Norum/Hughes/Hoglund/Attaque/Broman) 3.04
  7. Time will find the answer (Norum/White/Hughes) 5.02
  8. Counting on your love (Norum/Hughes/Tempest/Edman/Hermansson) 3.16
  9. Endica (Norum/Baltes) 2.44
  10. Still the night (Hughes/Thrall) 3.58
  11. Distant voices (Norum/White/Baltes/Hughes) 5.46

Recorded at Total Access Recording in Redondo Beach CA. Engineered by Wyn Davis and Melissa Sewell, assisted by Doug Drury. Mixed by Max Norman and Wyn Davis at One On One, The Grey Room and The Enterprise in Studio City CA. Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisc. Produced by John Norum and Wyn Davis.

Apparently the US release lacked some material? Info anybody?