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Musicals & Movies

Jesus Christ Superstar - A Rock Opera (1970)

  1. Overture (Lloyd Webber) 3.59
  2. Heaven on their minds (Lloyd Webber/Rice) 4.23
    Featuring Murray Head.
  3. What's the buzz/Strange thing mystifying (Lloyd Webber/Rice) 4.13
    Featuring Ian Gillan and Murray Head.
  4. Everything's alright (Lloyd Webber/Rice) 5.15
    Featuring Yvonne Elliman, Ian Gillan and Murray Head.
  5. This Jesus must die (Lloyd Webber/Rice) 3.36
    Featuring Victor Brox and Brian Keith.
  6. Hosanna (Lloyd Webber/Rice) 2.07
    Featuring Victor Brox and Ian Gillan.
  7. Simon Zealotes/Poor Jerusalem (Lloyd Webber/Rice) 4.49
    Featuring Ian Gillan and John Gustafson.
  8. Pilate's dream (Lloyd Webber/Rice) 1.28
    Featuring Barry Dennen.
  9. The temple (Lloyd Webber/Rice) 4.43
    Featuring Ian Gillan.
  10. Everything's alright (Lloyd Webber/Rice) 0.34
    Featuring Yvonne Elliman and Ian Gillan.
  11. I don't know how to love him (Lloyd Webber/Rice) 3.36
    Featuring Yvonne Elliman.
  12. Damned for all time/Blood money (Lloyd Webber/Rice) 5.11
    Featuring Victor Brox, Murray Head and Brian Keith.
  13. The last supper (Lloyd Webber/Rice) 7.10
    Featuring Ian Gillan and Murray Head.
  14. Gethsemane (Lloyd Webber/Rice) 5.33
    Featuring Ian Gillan.
  15. The arrest (Lloyd Webber/Rice) 3.24
    Featuring Victor Brox Peter Davis, Ian Gillan, Murray Head and Brian Keith.
  16. Peter's denial (Lloyd Webber/Rice) 1.27
    Featuring Annete Brox, Peter Davis and a few others.
  17. Pilate and Christ (Lloyd Webber/Rice) 2.46
    Featuring Barry Dennen and Ian Gillan.
  18. King Herod's song (Lloyd Webber/Rice) 3.02
    Featuring Mike d'Abo.
  19. Judas' death (Lloyd Webber/Rice) 4.17
    Featuring Victor Brox, Murray Head and Paul Raven [?].
  20. Trial before Pilate/39 lashes (Lloyd Webber/Rice) 5.13
    Featuring Victor Brox, Barry Dennen and Ian Gillan.
  21. Superstar (Lloyd Webber/Rice) 4.16
    Featuring Murray Head.
  22. Crucifixion (Lloyd Webber/Rice) 4.04
    Featuring Ian Gillan.
  23. John 19:41 (Lloyd Webber) 2.10

Recorded at Olympic Sound Studios, Barnes, Advision Studios, Island Studios and Spot Productions on 16-track tape. Engineered by Alan M. O'Duffy, assisted by Anton Matthews, Jeremy Gee, Stephen Vaughan, Martin Rushent and Tony Bridge. Produced by Tim Rice & Andrew Lloyd Webber.

The Last Rebel (soundtrack 1971)

  1. The last rebel (Lord) 2.59
  2. Surrender & Up the hill (Lord) 3.50
  3. Hanging (Lord) 3.29
  4. Stage coach ride (Ashton) 2.57
  5. Oh Matilda & The pool game (Lord/Ashton) 7.59
    With vocals by Ashton.
  6. Hollis' getaway (Lord) 2.56
  7. You me & a friend of mine (Lord/Ashton) 1.19
    With vocals by Ashton.
  8. Hollis' women (Lord) 3.41
  9. The pit & The knife fight (Lord) 2.59
  10. You me & a friend of mine (Lord/Ashton) 3.36
    With vocals by Ashton.
  11. Graves to the graveyard - Gun battle (Lord) 3.34
  12. I'm dying for you (Ashton) 2.17
    With vocals by Ashton.

This is the soundtrack to some b-movie (or so I'm told) and was mostly instrumental, except for where Ashton sings.

Night Flight (soundtrack 197-?)

Info please!

The Country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady (soundtrack 1984)

  1. Main theme (Lord)
  2. Arum plant (Ralston)
  3. Edith & Ernest (Theme) (Ralston)
  4. Spirit of Love (Ralston)
  5. Waltz (Lord)
  6. Pegwood (Love theme) (Lord)
  7. The girls' outing (Trad., arr. by Ralston)
  8. Hymn to nature (Lord)
  9. Love theme (Lord)
  10. Arum painting (Ralston)
  11. Meavy glen & country sunsets (Ralston)
  12. Maypole (Ralston)
  13. Love reprise (Lord)
  14. Pear blossom (Ralston)
  15. Cowslip (Ralston)
  16. Rosie goes home (Ralston)

Lord and Ralston wrote the theme music for a Central Independent Television series. Performed by The Central Concert Orchestra conducted by Alfred Ralston. Produced by Graham Walker & Jon Lord. (Not that Lord does not appear on this album.)

Water (soundtrack 1985)

  1. Water
    Featuring Eddy Grant.
  2. Walking on sunshine
    Featuring Eddy Grant.
  3. All as one
    Featuring Lance Ellington.
  4. The Cascarian national anthem
  5. Jack (instrumental)
  6. Focus on attention
    Featuring Jimmy Helms.
  7. Living on the frontline
    Featuring Eddy Grant.
  8. Cascara
    Featuring Lance Ellington.
  9. Jack (vocal)
    Featuring Mighty Gabb.
  10. Celebrations
    Featuring Jimmy Helms.
  11. Freedom
    Featuring Billy Connelly, Chris Tummings & the Singing Rebel's Band. This is the track that appears at the end of the film.
  12. Water (instrumental)

Jon Lord - together George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton and a bunch of others - were part of a blues band that appeared in the final scenes of the film Water playing the song "Freedom". However, Lord is not credited for any performances on the actual soundtrack. The sound seems to have been dubbed onto the film by another line-up. The film was produced by George Harrison.

Dragnet (soundtrack 1987)

  1. Just the facts (Newborn) 4.15
    Performed by Patti LaBelle. Produced by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis.
  2. City of crime (Newborn) 3.42
    Performed by Dan Akroyd & Tom Hanks, together with Hughes & Thrall. Produced by J.B. Moore & Robert Ford.
  3. Dragnet (Danger ahead/Dragnet march) (Schumann/Rozsa/Schumann) 3.02
    Performed & produced by Art of Noise
  4. Helplessly in love (Newborn) 3.05
    Performed by New Edition. Produced by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis.
  5. Dance or die (Newborn) 3.46
    Performed & produced by Peter Ackroyd & Pat Thrall.
  6. This is the city/Danger ahead/Dragnet march medley (Newborn/Schumann/Rozsa/Schumann) 2.06
  7. Looking for muzz (Newborn) 1.17
  8. Pagan tension (Newborn) 2.11
  9. Pagan Fight (Newborn) 1.45
  10. Dairy apologies (Newborn) 1.14
  11. Joe gets fired (Newborn) 1.20
  12. The tank (Newborn) 2.46
  13. Dragnet end credits (Newborn) 1.04
  14. Kill me instead (Newborn) 5.22

The movie starred Tom Hanks & Dan Ackroyd. Album executive producers: Dan Ackroyd & Robert K. Weiss.

Rain Man (soundtrack 1989)

  1. Iko iko
    With the Belle Stars.
  2. Scatterlings of Africa
    With Johnny Clegg & Savuka.
  3. At last
    With the Delta Rhythm Boys.
  4. Dry bones
    With Etta James.
  5. Lonely avenue
    With Ian Gillan & Roger Glover.
  6. Nathan Jones
    With Bananarama.
  7. Leaving Wallbrook/On the road
    With Hans Zimmer.
  8. Las Vegas/End credits
    With Hans Zimmer.
  9. Stardust
    With Rob Wasserman & Aaron Neville.
  10. Beyond the blue horizon
    With Lou Christie.

Higlander II - The Quickening (soundtrack 1990)

  1. Trust
    Featuring Herren Stevens.
  2. One dream
    Featuring Vivian Campbell (gtr) and the Lou Gramm Band.
  3. Who's that man - part 1
    Featuring Brian Tatler (gtr), Ian Hayden (gtr) & The Magnetic Aka.
  4. Haunted
    Featuring Glenn Hughes.
  5. Here we go
    Featuring Notorious.
  6. As time goes by
    Featuring Russell Ferrante (gtr/pno), John Guerin (drm), Larry Klein (bss) & Brenda Russell (vcl).
  7. It's a perfect, perfect world
    Featuring Ellis Hall & Cash Hollywood.
  8. Bird flight
    Featuring the Seattle Symphony and Symphony Corale.
  9. Destroy shield
    Featuring the Seattle Symphony and Symphony Corale.
  10. Sunshield/Dam escape
    Featuring Rusty Anderson (gtr) & the Seattle Symphony and Symphony Corale.

Days of Thunder (soundtrack 1990)

  1. Last note of freedom (Zimmer/Idol) 5.41
    Performed by David Coverdale.
  2. Deal for life (Page/Taupin) 4.36
    Performed by John Waite.
  3. Break through the bar (Cymone/Cole) 4.46
    Performed by Tina Turner.
  4. Hearts in trouble (Champlin/Matkovsky/Dukes) 5.14
    Performed by Chicago.
  5. Trail of broken hearts (Sambora/Marold/Foster) 4.32
    Performed by Cher.
  6. Knockin' on heaven's door (Dylan) 5.36
    Performed by Guns N' Roses.
  7. You gotta love someone (John/Taupin) 4.59
    Performed by Elton John.
  8. Show me heaven (Rifkin/Rackin/Mckee) 3.48
    Performed by Maria McKee.
  9. Thunder box (Smile/Groove Commander) 3.48
    Performed by Apollo Smile.
  10. Long live the night (Cantor/Caruso) 3.56
    Performed by Joan Jett & Blackhearts.
  11. Gimme me some lovin' (Winwood/Winwood/Davis) 5.00
    Performed by Terry Reid.

This movie starred Tom Cruise, Robert Duvall & Nicole Kidman. Album executive producers: Don Simpson & Jerry Brückheimer.