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Joe Meek

The Joe Meek Story (compilation 1977)

  1. My baby doll (Duke)
    With Mike Berry & the Outlaws 1961.
  2. Walk with me my angel (Duke)
    With Don Charles 1962.
  3. Can Can 62 (arr. Jay)
    With Peter Jay & the Jaywalkers 1962.
  4. There was a time (Baker/Rowe)
    With Tony Victor 1962.
  5. Guess that's the way it goes (Meek)
    With Don Charles 1962.
  6. Telstar (Meek)
    With the Tornados 1962.
  7. Dreamin' on a cloud (Burt)
    With the Tornados 1962.
  8. Jack the Ripper (Stacey/Haggin/Simmons)
    With Screaming Lord Sutch 1963.
  9. Angel of love (Meek)
    With Don Charles 1963.
  10. Christmas stockings (LaVern)
    With Roger LaVern & the Microns 1963.
  11. Who told you? (White/Goddard)
    With Fredie Starr & the Midnighters 1963.
  12. Keep moving (Meek)
    With Sounds Incorporated 1963.
  13. All the stars in the sky (Meek)
    With the Tornados 1963.
  14. Dreams do come true (Meek)
    With Heinz 1963.
  15. My friend Bobby (Goddard)
    With Pamela Blue 1963.
  16. Monster in black tights (Goddard/Meek)
    With Screaming Lord Sutch 1963.
  17. Country boy (Goddard)
    With Heinz 1963.
  18. Totem pole (Meek)
    With Peter Jay & the Jaywalkers 1963.
  19. Life on Venus (Meek)
    With the Tornados 1963.
  20. Just like Eddie (Goddard)
    With Heinz 1963.
  21. In my way (Weisman/Wise)
    With Davy Kaye 1965.
  22. Saxon warcry (Holder/Huxley)
    With the Saxons 1965.
  23. Wishing well (C. & K. Cooper)
    With the Millionaires 1966.
  24. Please stay (Bacharach/Hilliard)
    With the Cryin' Shames 1966.

Blackmore appears at least on tracks 14, 17 and 20. Unsure about any other appearences.

The Joe Meek Story - The Pye Years (compilation 1991)

A 2CD compilation featuring loads of artists and with a total of 48 tracks (I might transcribe the lot eventually), among which there is at least one with a purple connection. According to the sleeve notes, Blackmore plays guitar on a track called "Tell the truth" with some Andy Cavell - originally released in 1964 on the Pye label (7N-15610). Furthermore, the possible appearence of Lord on some of the included Riot Squad tracks is denied.