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George Lynch & Lynch Mob

Lynch Mob (1992)

  1. Jungle of love (Lynch/Brown/Esposito/Mason/Olsen) 3.48
  2. Tangled in the web (Lynch/Brown/Esposito/Mason/Olsen) 4.39
  3. No good (Lynch/Brown/Esposito/Olsen/Mason) 4.16
  4. Dream until tomorrow (Lynch/Mason/Esposito/Brown/Olsen) 6.07
  5. Cold is the heart (Lynch/Esposito/Mason/Olsen/Brown) 5.25
  6. Tie your mother down (Brian May) 3.48
    Dedicated to Freddie Mercury.
  7. Heaven is waiting (Lynch/Esposito/Brown/Mason) 3.52
  8. I want it (Lynch/Brown/Mason/Esposito) 4.48
  9. When darkness calls (Lynch/Mason/Esposito/Brown) 5.25
  10. The secret (Lynch/Esposito/Brown/Mason/Olsen) 5.07

Recorded at Goodnight LA Studios by Shay Baby, Keith Olsen & Brian Foraker. Mixed by Keith Olsen and Shay Baby. Mastered at Sterling Sound in New York by Ted Jensen. Produced by Keith Olsen.

Sacred Groove (1993)

  1. Memory Jack
  2. Love power from the Mama Head
  3. Flesh and blood
    Vocals by Ray Gillen.
  4. We don't own this world
    Vocals by Matthew & Gunnar Nelson.
  5. I will remember
  6. The beast - Part I
    Vocals by mandy Lion.
  7. The beast - Part II (Addiction to the friction)
    Vocals by Mandy Lion.
  8. Not necessarily evil
    Vocals by Glenn Hughes.
  9. Cry of the brave
    Vocals by Glenn Hughes.
  10. Tierra del fuego