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Johnny Kidd & The Pirates

The Best Of Johnny Kidd & The Pirates (1978)

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Rarities (1983)

  1. I know
  2. Oh boy (West/Tilghman/Petty)
  3. Where are you
  4. A little bit of soap (Russell)
  5. Steady date
  6. More of the same
  7. I just want to make love to you (Dixon)
  8. This golden ring (Greenaway/Cook)
  9. Right string but the wrong yo yo (Perryman)
  10. Can't turn you loose (Redding)
  11. Shakin' all over 65 (Heath)
  12. I hate getting up in the morning (Murray)
  13. Send for that girl (Rowland/Victor/Barter)
  14. Hurry on back to love (Westlake)
  15. You got what it takes (Gordy/Davis/Gordy)
  16. The fool (Ford/Hazlewood)
  17. Ecstasy (Pomus/Spector)
  18. Shop around (Gordy/Robinson)
  19. Weep no more my baby (Arnette/O'Dell/Murphy/Paterno)
  20. Whole lotta woman (Rainwater)

Nick Simper appears on tracks 13 & 16. Others that appear on the various tracks are Alan Caddy, Brian Gregg, Mick Green, Johnny Spence, Frank Farley, John Wieder, Mickey Stewart, Roger Truth, Ray Soaper and of course Johny Kidd himself.