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Hughes/Thrall (1982)

  1. I got your number (Hughes/Thrall) 3.36
  2. The look in your eye (Hughes/Thrall) 3.51
  3. Beg, borrow or steal (Hughes/Thrall) 3.47
  4. Where did the time go (Hughes/Thrall) 2.59
  5. Muscle and blood (Hughes/Thrall) 4.21
  6. Hold out your life (Hughes/Thrall) 4.47
  7. Who will you run to (Hughes/Thrall) 3.43
  8. Coast to coast (Hughes) 3.55
  9. First step of love (Hughes/Thrall) 5.35

Recorded at United Western Studios in Hollywood CA and Shangri-La Studios in Malibu CA. Engineered by Andy Johns and Tim Kramer, assisted by David Ahlert, Jim Perkins and Tom Yuill. Mixed by Andy Johns. Mastered by Bob Carbonne at A&M Recording Studios in Hollywood CA. Produced by Andy Johns, Hughes/Thrall & Rob Fraboni.