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Stuart Hamm

Radio Free Albemuth (1988)

  1. Radio Free Albemuth (S. Hamm) 5.10
    With Satriani on guitar.
  2. Flow my tears... (S. Hamm) 8.23
    With Satriani on guitar.
  3. Dr. Gradus ad parnasum (C. Debussy) 3.06
  4. Sexually active (S. Hamm) 7.51
    With Satriani on guitar.
  5. Simple dreams (S. Hamm) 4.06
  6. Country music (a night in hell) (S. Hamm) 3.45
  7. Moonlight sonata (Beethoven) 4.54

Recorded at Stucco Blue Studios by Paul Levi, except Joe Satriani's contributions which were recorded at Hyde Street Studios by John Cuniberti. Mixed at Breaking Records by Joe Battaglia & Stuart Hamm, except tracks 5 and 7 which were mixed at Stucco Blue Studios by Paul Levi & Stuart Hamm. Produced by Stuart Hamm.