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David Gilmour

About Face (1984)

  1. Until we sleep (Gilmour) 5.14
  2. Murder (Townshend/Gilmour) 4.58
  3. Love on the air (Gilmour) 4.18
  4. Blue light (Gilmour) 4.34
  5. Out of the blue (Gilmour) 3.32
  6. All lovers are deranged (Townshend/Gilmour) 3.13
  7. You know I'm right (Gilmour) 5.02
  8. Cruise (Gilmour) 4.38
  9. Let's get metaphysical (Gilmour) 4.08
  10. Near the end (Gilmour) 5.36

Lord is credited for playing "synthesiser" but no specific tracks are mentioned. Maybe he's all over place? Recorded at Pathe-Marconi Studios in Paris by Andrew Jackson & Kit Woolven, who were assisted by Robert 'Ringo' Hrycyna, Simon Sullivan, Mark Frank & Kevin Whyte. Orchestra recorded at the Abbey Road in London by Eric Tomlinson. Mixed by James Guthrie, at Mayfair Studios in London, who was assisted by Bob Parr, Ollie Fitzjones & Robert 'Ringo' Hrycyna. Mastered by Doug Sax & Mike Reese at the Mastering Lab in Los Angeles. Produced by Bob Ezrin & Dave Gilmour.