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Dislocated (EP 1987)

  1. Dislocated (Gllan/Glover)
  2. Purple people eater (Wooley)
  3. Chet (Gillan/Glover)

She Took My Breath Away (EP 1988)

  1. She took my breath away (Gillan/Glover)
  2. Cayman Island (Gillan/Glover)

Accidentally On Purpose (LP/CD 1988)

  1. Clouds and rain (Gillan/Glover) 4.00
  2. Evil eye (Gillan/Glover) 4.10
  3. She took my breath away (Gillan/Glover) 4.32
    This track is also featured in the soundtrack to Rain Man.
  4. Dislocated (Gillan/Glover) 3.22
  5. Via Miami (Gillan/Glover) 4.58
  6. I can't dance to that (Gillan/Glover) 4.23
  7. Can't believe you wanna leave (Penniman) 3.08
  8. Lonely avenue (Pomus) 3.05
  9. Telephone box (Gillan/Glover) 5.15
  10. I though no (Gillan/Glover) 3.35

    Bonus tracks on CD

  11. Cayman Island (Gillan/Glover) 3.56
    Taken from the single & EP She Took My Breath Away 1988.
  12. Purple people eater (Wooley) 2.35
    Taken from the single I Can't Dance To That 1988.
  13. Chet (Gillan/Glover) 4.16
    Taken from the single & EP Dislocated 1987.

Recorded at Air Montserrat in the British West Indies, Minot Studios in New York, The Power Station in New York and Soundtec Studios in Connecticut. Engineered by the "amazing" Nick Blagona, assisted by Ken Blair, Carl Lever, Frank Oglethorpe, Bruce Robbins, Dave O'Donnell and Peter Hodgson. Mixed at the Power Station and mastered at Streling Sound in New York by Greg Calbi. Produced by Roger Glover and Ian Gillan.

NB! Not all CD issues contain the three extra tracks; that is, there are some CD issues which are simply digital pressings of the vinyl.