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Michael Cox

In Sweden (EP 1963)

  1. Gee what a party
  2. I've been thinking
  3. In this old house
  4. Say that again

The Best Of Michael Cox (compilation 1993)

  1. Angela Jones (Loudermilk)
  2. Along came Caroline (Stephens/Steele)
  3. Lonely road (Hosey/Gordon/Kinsey)
  4. Teenage love (Wilde)
  5. Linda (Fisherman/Lee)
  6. Sweet little sixteen (Berry)
    With Big Jim Sullivan on guitar, and what a guitar! The sleeve notes speculate that this might in fact contain the first ever British-recorded use of a Wah-Wah-pedal (1961).
  7. Cover girl (Crompton/Jones)
  8. Young only once (Burroughs/Vano)
  9. Honey 'cause I love you (Tillis/Walker)
  10. Stand up (Crawford)
  11. In April (Baker)
  12. Don't you break my heart (Meek)
  13. Hark, is that a cannon I hear (DeShannon/Samuels)
  14. I've been thinking (Burnette)
    Taken from a Swedish-issued EP, with Blackmore on guitar.
  15. Gee what a party (Murtagh/Murtagh/Andrews)
  16. Say that again (Vandyke)
  17. Rave on (West/Tilgman/Petty)
  18. Just say hello (Cox)
  19. Gypsy (Berns/Leiber/Stoller/Nugetre)
  20. It ain't right (Meek)

Digitally remastered at Abbey Road Studios in London. Album compiled and annotated by Roger Dopson.