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Captain Beyond

First/Captain Beyond (1972)

  1. Dancing madly backwards (riding on a sea of air) (Caldwell/Evans)
  2. Armworth (Caldwell/Evans)
  3. Myopic void (Caldwell/Evans)
  4. Mesmerization eclipse (Caldwell/Evans)
  5. Raging river of fear (Caldwell/Evans)
  6. Thousand days of yesterdays (intro) (Caldwell/Evans)
  7. Frozen over (Caldwell/Evans)
  8. Thousand days of yesterdays (time since come and gone) (Caldwell/Evans)
  9. I can't feel nothing (part 1) (Caldwell/Evans)
  10. As the moon speaks (to the waves of the sea) (Caldwell/Evans)
  11. Astral lady (Caldwell/Evans)
  12. As the moon speaks (return) (Caldwell/Evans)
  13. I can't feel nothing (part 2) (Caldwell/Evans)

Sufficiently Breathless (1973)

  1. Sufficiently breathless (Dorman)
  2. Bright blue tango (Dorman)
  3. Drifting in space (Dorman)
  4. Evil men (Dorman)
  5. Starglow energy (Dorman)
  6. Distant sun (Dorman)
  7. Voyage of past travellers (Dorman)
  8. Everything's a circle (Dorman)

Recorded at Capricorn Studios in Macon GA, except "Bright blue tango" & "Evil men" which were recorded at the Record Plant in Sausalito CA. Mixed at the Record Plant. Engineered by John "The Nail" Stronach, Ovie "Light" Sparks & Mike "8 Days" Stone, with assistance from Kurt "Down Time" Kinzel. Produced by Captain Beyond. Album dedicated to "the memory of Berry Oakley".