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Green Bullfrog

Green Bullfrog (1971)

  1. Bullfrog (Lawrence)
    Instrumental track actually written by Blackmore, but due to contractual difficulties the credits went to Lawrence. Compare this track with the DP's "Jam Stew/John Stew" - nearly identical.
  2. Walk a mile in my shoes (South)
  3. My baby left me (Crudup)
  4. Makin' time (Pickett/Philips)
  5. Lawdy Miss Clawdy (Price)
  6. I'm a free man (Klingman)
  7. Lovin' you is good for me baby (Lawrence/Corlett/Hutton)
  8. I want you (White)

Recorded during February 1970 [tracks 8 and 9] and April/May 1970 [the rest] at Kingsway Recorders in London; strings laid down during January 1971. Engineered by Martin Birch and produced by Derek Lawrence. The album was reissued a few times. In some interview Blackmore claimed that Glover had been there recording as well, but that ain't true. The entire thing was reissued on CD 1991 with three extra tracks.

The Green Bullfrog Sessions (CD reissue 1991)

  1. Ain't nobody home (Ragavoy)
    Previously unreleased.
  2. Bullfrog (Lawrence)
    Written by Blackmore but credited to Lawrence due to contractual reasons.
  3. Walk a mile in my shoes (South)
  4. My baby left me (Crudup)
  5. Makin' time (Pickett/Philips)
  6. Lawdy Miss Clawdy (Price)
  7. I'm a free man (Klingman)
  8. Lovin' you is good for me baby (Lawrence/Corlett/Hutton)
  9. I want you (White)
  10. Louisiana man (Kershaw)
    Previously unreleased.
  11. Who do you love? (McDaniels)
    Previously unreleased.

A CD reissue, remixed at Abbey Road studios in London during 1991. Re-produced by original producer Derek Lawrence. Originally engineered by Martin Birch; remastered by Peter Vince. Contains an extensive interview with Lawrence explaining how it all came about.