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Joe Breen

More Than Meets The Eye (1978)

  1. Something is taking your love away (Breen)
    With Glover on Oberheim (which is a syntheziser of some sort).
  2. Miss Lane (Breen)
  3. Oh! I want you (Breen)
    With Glover on Oberheim.
  4. Joanne (Breen)
    With Glover on Oberheim.
  5. Shadows of the night (Breen/Glover)
    With Lord on Fender Rhodes and Glover doing percussions.
  6. Smiling faces (Breen/Glover)
    With Glover on harmonium and string machine.
  7. Don't turn out your light (Breen)
  8. Lonely nights (Breen)
    All instruments by Breen & Glover.
  9. Hurting each other (Breen)
  10. Funny face (Breen)
    With Glover playing a Glockenspiel.
  11. It's so hard (Benham)

Recorded at Wessex Studios and on the Maison Rouge Mobile. Mixed at Wessex Studios. Tape ops: Dave Belotti, Lee Mantle & Dave Mascombe. Engineered by Steve Smith, Gary Edwards & Tim Friese-Green. Produced by Roger Glover.