Review of "The 25th Anniversary Edition Of Fireball"

About a year has passed since the brilliant anniversary edition of "Deep Purple In Rock" was released. Once again, it's time for us DP-maniacs to enjoy another masterpiece, "The 25th Anniversary Edition Of Fireball" has finally arrived...

Written by Daniel Bengtsson

The album kicks off with the seven tracks that were included on the original release of "Fireball", and I won't review these classics, since I assume that all of you already have your opinion after all these years. The 8th song of the album is an a-side remix of "Strange Kind Of Woman", and the new sound of the song hits you at once, it's in fact incredible how fresh and clean it sounds, the song is opened by a drum count-in by Paicey, which I don't think I have heard before. Next up is "I'm Alone", another great song which was included as a b-side of the "Strange Kind Of Woman" single. Don't miss Ritchie's blending guitar solo in the middle of the song, and Jon's beautiful funky work in the beginning. "Freedom" could for the first time be heard on the 1985 anthology album, and this is another sparkling song which shows the teamwork within Deep Purple. So, here it is, the unreleased "Slow Train". Once again a very good sound, and the song is completely awesome. The middle section with Ian and Paicey alone together is so beautiful, and it fills me with pleasure, I really wonder why they never included this song on the album! The new remix of "Demon's Eye" is up next with a clearer sound and with the whole end of the song included. And now a surprise, "The Noise Abatement Society Tapes", including a medley of "Midnight In Moscow", "Robin Hood" and "William Tell". This instrumental pearl is based on some studio jamming during a late-night session. The 15th song of the album is the first instrumental take of "Fireball". The aircondition-sound in the beginning of the song isn't there, so Paicey's majestic drum playing opens the song instead. This is very interesting to listen to, since you discover different details you haven't heard before. Sandwiched in between the previous song and the last song of the album is "Backwards Piano", the piano solo by Jon they later used reversed in the end of "No One Came". Last but not least, the new remix of "No One Came", a strong song from the beginning that only gets better and better...

The Conclusion

This anniversary edition is simply a must for all DP-fans and collectors. Together with a 78-minute long CD, you will get a 28-page color booklet packed with rare photographs and notes written by Simon Robinson and Roger Glover. So, what are you waiting for, doesn't the record shop close at 6 P.M???