Have they played in other incarnations than the known lineups?

Eccentric lineups feature one date in the USA in 1971 with Randy California on guitar (Blackmore was taken ill - they dropped the tour after this show), and one or two in the early seventies with Mark II without Gillan, with Roger Glover trying to fill in on the vocals...

Also there was the infamous bogus Deep Purple in 1980, when original vocalist Rod Evans was lured into "reforming" Deep Purple by a US manager specializing in reforming old bands with a minimum of original members. They played a handfull of dates in the US (where reportedly most audiences left the halls during the shows) before the outfit were taken to court by the old management team (Tony Edwards and John Colleta). As a result, Rod Evans lost the rights to royalties for his work with Deep Purple.

Last updated: 13. January 1995
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