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Date: Sun, 16 JUN 1996 02:02:38 GMT 
From: Svante Pettersson <swepett@netch.se> 
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Subject: Thoughts, DP Karlshamn Sweden June 14, 1996 

(This isn't really a review, more a collection of thoughts about DP and Rock festivals...)

I saw Steve Morse, sorry, I mean DP at the Karlshamn Rock Festival in Karlshamn, Sweden yesterday. I can't figure out why I don't like Steve Morse's solo albums. This man rules! I have walked away truly impressed the three times I have seen this man live. You can see on his face when he plays that he's really enjoying playing with DP. This was this line-up's first gig in Sweden and I think probably the first time SM have played in Sweden ever. It looked like both SM and the audience had a great time.

The show started out with Gillan in somewhat of a bad mood since some dorks in the audience threw beer onto the stage. The first beer glass almost hit SM but he just laughed. Gillan looked more concerned though. I will never be able to figure out the fun in paying loads of money to get in to a concert/festival and drink so much beer that you can't stand on your feet. And why throw beer at somone doing their job? I feel so bad when I see stuff like that and I get really embarrassed.

The setlist was the same as in Esbjerg. (Isn't it strange that they haven't even changed the order in which the songs are played? That was one thing DP complained about when Ricardo ruled the band.) Steve Morse solo spot in Cascades was not as inspired as I have seen before. He didn't use any of his delays and he took off his guitar almost before the song was over so maybe he had some trouble with his equipment. He blew me away in When A Blind Man Cries as usual though.

Gillan had some problems with his voice. IG himself blamed it on too many beers but someone told me he had problems with his voice earlier in the day and he wasn't sure if he would be able to sing at all.

Jon Lord seems to be the main man regarding cues and stuff these days. I noticed this in Brixton too but it was clear in Karlshamn when Paicey tried to cut SM's solo in C:INYL short and JL waved "stop! Take it easy!" at him. :^)

JL - the conductor. Ok. But then comes Speed King. This song seems to be Steve's playground. (Didn't someone mention SK being a bonus track on Stressfest somewhere in the world?) After the first singing bits the solo section starts and SM runs around all over the stage soloing, headbanging and handing over solos to the other members. We even got a drum solo from Paice when Steve ran over and pointed at IP. AFAIK there hasn't been any drum solos yet on this tour.

This was this line-up's first gig in Sweden.

Another thing was that the sing-a-long section in SOTW is back. The audience gets to sing "SOTW - Fire in the sky" *once*! Then they rock away again. I think that is even better than leaving it out. Great joke IMO.

Statistics, DP Live in Karlshamn, Sweden June 14, 1996:

  • Length of show: 1 Hour, 45 Minutes.
  • Songs played: 15
  • Number of (known) AMD-P'ers in attendance: 5
  • Percentage of audience too drunk: 99.8

Things overheard in the audience:

"Steve Morse is, like, my new God, man!!" - Drunk guy between AAAAH's
"AAAAAAAAH!! STEVE MORSE!!" - Same drunk guy
"That Steve Morse dude is really something!" - Sober but stunned DPfan
"Eh, he-he, Jon Lord... Yeah..." - Unknown, probably drunk

BTW, I happened to catch the last few songs of the danish band Dizzy Miss Lizzy on another stage right before the DP show. Apparently big DP fans. They announced their last song with "we have to play our last song now as we are all going down to the main stage to watch Deep Purple!". :^)

Svante Pettersson

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