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Perth Concert Review

First I'd like to say "thanks" to Ian Paice for signing my album cover during his awesome drum clinic the night before the show. Ian said something which I found very inspirational, I don't remember it word for word but it went something like (at the time Ian said this with a lot of honest heartfelt emotion so you really had to be there for the full impact): "music isn't about how good you can play or how good your technique is, music is about your imagination and your creativity, which doesn't come from your fingers (if you're a guitar player I guess) but from inside yourself".

But anyway to the show...
Well, my very first Deep Purple concert, and what can I say - it has to rate as one of my best, if not THE best, shows I have ever seen!

The band began with "Ted the Mechanic" and then basically followed the set that I have seen posted on the previous reviews. When they come out it was all smiles which never left their faces, they really looked like they were having a lot of fun.

It was truly an inspiration to see the band perform, some of the highlights being the solo performances from each of the guys, including a little bit of guitar and vocal interplay between Steve Morse and Ian Gillan. But for me the ultimate higlights of the night were "Pictures of Home", "Perfect Strangers", "Woman from Toyko", Steve's incredible solos, and of course the encore.

If you can get to one of these shows, you absolutely, positively have to do yourself a favour and go and see the band perform. I have to rate this night as a perfect 10/10 score.
A big thank you to Deep Purple for coming down under - and please come back soon.

Emanuel Rudnicki

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