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Last Night I had the opportunity to see our friends at VIA FUNCHAL, a new venue in the mega-city of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

A wonderful place, perfect accoustic and excellent place to see a show. The house was packed. I suppose 5.000 to 6.000 people.

This was the second show of the South American Tour that is happening now.

The show began exactly as promised at 10:00 PM. Gillan with SHORT hair, was quite a surprise !

Morse dressed with white or a kind of blue t-shirt, Glover as usual, Lord with no hold hair and all in black. Paice as usual and Gillan dressed like the Harald Schmidt show from 96 on TV in Germany. A captain clothe. Only for the first or maybe the second one too. It was hot. So he came back with a blue shirt afterwards.

The set list, maybe not in the exactly order was:

  1. Ted the Mechanic
  2. Strange Kind of Woman
  3. Bludsucker
  4. Pictures of Home
  5. Almost Human
  6. Woman from Tokyo
  7. Watching the sky
  8. Fireball
  9. Sometimes I feel like screaming
  10. Smoke on the water
  11. Lazy
  12. Perfect Strangers
  13. Speed King

  14. Black night
  15. Highway Star

The night before they also played "Any fule kno that".

A friend of mine told me that they included "Sometimes I feel like screaming" because a DJ during the press-conference told it was a success here afte the _|_ tour in 97.

Nice interplay between Gillan/Morse, Morse/Lord as usual.

No highlights, all of them showed who is who in the rock'n'roll area.

I really think that is quite difficult to some band to be compared to Deep Purple. Gillan sang so beautifully, of course he is no 20's, but when you remember he is over 50, he has lots of credits!

Who says Morse is no good or not heavy? Well, so I don't know what a guitar player is. He is great, plays heavy when it is needed and to tell the truth a lot of old songs is better played live by him than by Blackmore. I love Blackmore, he is my all-time favorite guitar player, but Morse does an excellent job in this Purple MK.

Deep Purple continues to be the best live band ever. Of course, for me who has already seen them a couple of times and has all the records, would prefer some other songs back like "Knocking at your back door", "No one came", but the gig was great. I had a great time with my wife and friends.

It is amazing seeing everybody singing "Perfect Strangers" and before the show the "Oh Oh" of "Black Night".

My heart beats stronger after a Purple show. It is always better and unforgettable. Keep on rockin' guys!!

Hope to see you next tour anywhere.

Reinaldo Barroso Alves

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