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Deep Purple, Adelaide, South Australia, April 19th

Firstly let me tell you... Not only was I looking forward to this gig since that blinder in 1984, but I was literally walking around with a semi hard-on since tickets went on sale!!! Ian Paice was nice enough to to do a drum clinic on Sunday arvo (18th) at the Arkaba Top Room. Over 2 hours of stories, drum technique and a signing session. He came across as a very warm human being who was VERY interested in what the DP fans had to say (hello Ritchie!!!)
Now to the Show
The support band Freight Train absolutely sucked!! So badly dated that they even had the nerve to ask the crowd if they knew someone who was interesed in signing them. Sorry Howard but I didn't like them. 9:00 pm
They hit the stage.
Ian Gillan dressed in military garb and sporting an accountant's haircut, got the crowd worked up as Steve Morse cranked out the intro to "Ted" and the whole band kicked in and the place went mad. Man was that sound pumping or what?? Not as loud as the 84 gig but hey I'm older these days. I would've preferred a more popular number to open the show but you can't have it all. Basically we got exactly the same set as Perth which to me seems to be to be a mixture of the "Purpendicular" & "Abandon" tours.
They played "Almost Human" which is an OK song BUT no "Any Fule" or "Seventh Heaven". I really dug "Sometimes I Feel...", heaps of dynamics and some beautiful guitar from Morsey. It was great to hear "Fireball" live and Mr. Paice nailed the intro exactly like the original version. Ian Gillan was in solid form but why was he continuously leaving the stage during every solo of every song??? Me thinks a night on the turps in Perth is the answer. I also wish Jon Lord was back on the left but he NEVER disappoints!!! Some great solos from the Master especially the piano solo in "Woman from Tokyo". "Lazy" was killer also. The final encore of "Highway Star" was so UNBELIEVABLE that I thought I shat meself. Just a few small complaints... during the guitar solo preceding "SOTW" why was Morsey teasing the crowd with other band's riffs?? Surely the vast backcatalog of DP riffs would have worked better.! Imagine "Living Wreck", "Flight of the Rat", "the Mule" & "Rat Bat Blue" played in unison. The crowd would go BALLISTIC!!!!
Also, although the show WAS Great, it did seem slightly cabaret to me.
BUT they were all having fun and so were we.
Thank you Ian, Steve, Jon, Ian P, Roger.

Always Deep Always Purple
George Mallios
Ritchie is still GOD!!!

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