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Review of the show of April 2nd at Buenos Aires from Adrián A. Caldart

The concert took place at the Obras Sanitarias Stadium, a place with a capacity of 5.000 people. As on April 1st, the place was completely full. The support act was a new local band called Temple, led by Walter Giardino, a well known Argentine guitarist who admires deeply Ritchie Blackmore and plays and composes much alike him, specially during the first Rainbow years. Good choice for a Purple concert.
In the audience you could see many kids with their fathers getting started in the appreciation of the band.
The performance of the band was fabulous, confirming my opinion that they are the best rock band of the world .The show had more "feeling" than the Purpendicular Tour ones. During the two hours there wasn´t a single minute of relax or quietness, in fact, the band played al lot of old material, diamonds from the Age of the Vinyl ( the only new song was Almost Human ) making everybody very happy. The sound was very loud and still clear.
Big Ian was fantastic, leaving behind some problems with his voice during the first part of the night before´s concert. He renewed the legend with his shouting and perfect singing, taking his voice to the edge on almost every song and joking permanently. His haircut surprised everybody.
Steve Morse looked much more confident than on the Purpendicular Concert two years ago. His solo is GREAT and people got crazy when he played some well known riffs like the ones of Whole Lotta Love, Iron Man and Little Wing. Steve has the rare capacity to combine virtuous playing with a grat sense of humour and enthusiasm.
Mr Lord, Pacey and Roger Glover were also perfect. The band looks really like a group of old friends having fun together, much different from what could be seen on the "Come Hell or High Water " video, during Blackmore's last tour.
Unforgettable, all the loyal fans fullfilled our always high expectations. I hope they'll come back soon.

Set List
Strange Kind of Woman (explosion)
Pictures of Home
Almost Human (nice version)
Woman from Tokyo (first great ovation)
Sometimes I feel like screaming
Steve's solo
Smoke on the water
Jon's solo
Lazy (great version, alike the Made in Japan one)
Perfect Strangers (definitely, a classic)
Speed King

Black Night
Highway Star (I thought it was impossible to improve LATO's version, but they did)

Adrián A. Caldart

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