[ d e e p P u r . p l e ) The Highway Star

DP in Perth Western Australia

Just home form the DP show in Perth (friday 16th April).
A fantastic performance. Much better that I had hoped for.

    Song list
  1. Ted the Mechanic (some sound problems with the vocal mike and the organ - sorted after about 2 minutes)
  2. Strange Kind of Woman (Good fun)
  3. Bludsucker (Excellent with an extended jam included)
  4. Pictures of home (Another extended jam)
  5. Almost Human (Great - from the new album "Abandon")
  6. Woman from Tokyo (Killer version - the place when mad)
  7. Watching the Sky (Great - from the new album "Abandon")
  8. Fireball (IG mentioned that the startup sound on the album was an airconditioner)
  9. I Feel Like Screaming (Good fun)
  10. Guitar solo (Some wonderful surprises in here and a spectacular way to introduce...)
  11. Smoke on the Water (Still fresh!!)
  12. Very nice organ solo leading to...
  13. Lazy (They had fun with this!)
  14. Perfect Strangers (Brilliant)
  15. Speed King (Huge jam with bass and drum solos)
  16. Started as a blues jam that ended up as Black Night that then included another big jam session
  17. Highway Star (Great - but then it was all over!)

These guys really are fantastic to see.
They appear to be having a wonderful time on stage and really enjoying themselves.

    2 small complaints:
  1. During the IP's drum solo the lighting was quite distracting. Would have preferred something less clever so we could see more of what he was doing.
  2. I bought the new album (love it) and was expecting to hear more of the new stuff. IG says they will be back in much less that the 15 years it's been this time so there will be a chance to hear it then.

Do not miss this show!!

Rod Langlands

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