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Melbourne show 20/04/99

Tuesday night, the gods are still alive...
My 3rd concert (Paris 85&87) and I just have 2 words for ya.... DEEP PURPLE.
Amazing, unbelievable, extraordinaire are just dust words to express my feeling after I saw the guys again tonight.
Tears appears in my eyes when they did a beautifull version of "Woman from Melbourne" and a bit later when they played a crazy "Lazy" version.
So happy they are doing a cd & video. The highlight of the show for me was "Almost human" but because of the f---g promoters and bludsuckers only 20% of the fans were crazy when they played the new songs. What a pity when you know the quality of the new songs like "Seventh heaven", "Sometimes I feel like screaming and "Ted the mechanic" etc... In my opinion I would like more news songs like "69" and "Hey Cisco" but of course 2 hours is short.
The start was for my unmusical ears a bit to much bass & drums but became bettter quickly. IAN G.53 was incredible, JON, mama miaaa... (58 can you imagine!), IAN and ROGER wonderful musicians and STEVE sublime. Tell you something about Ritchie another god I still think (despite.....) that the "Man in black" doesn't have anything to do with this band anymore. STEVE, thanks man, YOU SAVE US.
Thanks again GUYS for the best 2 hours of my life (after my 2nd wedding of course).
I am in Sydney now and I think I am going to see you again tomorrow in the pub for the second concert in Sydney.
Keep on rocking guys, you know how to do it.
Richard Legris the frog of melbourne

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