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Tour review: Campinas, SP, Brazil (UNICAMP Gymnasium)

    This one was a really memorable concert. All the guys are in very good shape and Ian's voice is great too. Steve Morse is not only wonderful, he is perfect! "Sometimes I feel like screaming" has a very special meaning to me,and Steve playing it live took tears from my eyes!
    "Perfect Strangers" was the most xciting part: I've never jumped and sung like that! "Smoke on the water", "Woman from Tokyo" and "Highway Star" led the audience to nirvana! A real trip! I'd like to congratulate Roger, Jon, "Ians" and Steve for their wonderful performance! Thanx for have come to my city! I hope you come back next tour!

    P.S.: You guys can't imagine how I regret not to have taken my camera to that show! And next time I'll try to get something from Steve (anything he throws down to the audience!) - it's very complicated for girls to survive the concerts among all those stupid and violent boys! But it's worth it, anyway!

Flávia Monteiro
(Campinas, São Paulo, Brasil)

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