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My first concert, from Deep Purple and completeĦĦĦĦ
After the dramatic finish of the other show in Chile, I thought that that was the opportunity and after the great show of the tower there would be no more Purple in Chile. But here we are writing about the jam here in Chile. First there was a better site than the last one, and the sound amazing. In concert, a real heavy metal sound with Morse playing style, but on some classics the group still need the abilities of Blackmore.
The songs, a tremendous repertory, Strange Kind of Woman, Fireball, Speed King, Smoke on the Water, Perfect Strangers, etc... But what I really wanted to see, and they still have in excess, IMPROVISATION. Very long songs and crazy guitar solos that's Deep Purple. This was the one, perfect place, sound and everything. Now I'll wait for the next concert in CHILEEEE.

From Chile, reporting for tour reviews,
Felipe Fuentes.

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