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A.Band.On São Paulo 19/03/99 - It's Now or Never

First show of the year, magnific, superb.
I'll go right to the interesting point, the set list, but first, some notices:
1. Gillan with his hair cut
2. Imagine, looking to the stage, left to right: Roger Glover - Ian Paice - Ian Gillan - Jon Lord - Steve Morse

22h10m - DP on stage
- Ted The Mechanic
- Strange Kind Of Woman (solo: Morse vs. Paice - something from Dixie Dregs)
- BloodSucker
- Pictures Of Home - Cascades (solo - like whales singing - and end from Cascades - just instrumental part)
- Almost Human
- Woman From Tokyo
- Watching The Sky
- Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
- Fireball - Into The Fire (just to finish Fireball)
- Steve Morse Solo (Kashmir-Led, Jimi Hendrix and more)
- Smoke On The Water
- Jon Lord Solo (wonderful)
- Lazy
- Any Fule Kno That
- Speed King (solo: Morse vs. Lord, Paice Solo, Morse vs. Everybody Morse vs. Gillan - brilliant)
- Perfect Strangers
I had the chance to see the set list for a few seconds, a friend of mine got it from Steve Morse, and DP was intend to play Seventh Heaven, but when Perfect Strangers ended, everybody start singing Black Night, until they come back, then:
- Black Night
- Highway Star
00h15m - that's all folks.

During the show, I can't remember when, DP played "Aquarela do Brasil" and "It's Now Or Never" for a few seconds.

More details? mavimo@zipmail.com.br

Marcel Vinicius

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