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Initially the concert was programmed to be in the "Centro Cultural Mapocho" (10,000 people), but with incidents at Monsters of Rock '94 (Kiss, Slayer, Black Sabbath), two guys were dead that day, so the government decided not to make concerts of hard rock in that place, so the producer had to retard to a day the presentation and to make it in "Velodromo", a better place with better sound.

Around 9:00 pm, a cloud in the middle of the sky reflected the last light of the sun, so I could see a purple cloud for a few minutes befor the concert. It started with "TED THE MECHANIC". Ian Gillan look like a sailor or something with his jacket. The rest of the band look like people from Brazil told to us in their reviews. Then they played "STRANGE KIND OF WOMAN", Gillan leave his jacket and didn't wear it anymore. Next song was a very powerful "BLOODSUCKER", and then "PICTURES OF HOME", "ALMOST HUMAN", "WOMAN FROM TOKYO", "WATCHING THE SKY", "FIREBALL" and "SOMETIMES I FEEL LIKE SCREAMING".

Then, Jon Lord introduced the Steve Morse solo. It was really great, and I think that Chilean fans accept him very well. I enjoy every note that he played (I have 4 Steve Morse Band's album), I like his own style and I think he's very important to the band. Deep Purple sound very powerful and we can see that the band is alive, it's more than a legend.

Then Steve played some classical riffs, "Sweet home Alabama", something of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and other, and then "SMOKE ON THE WATER". Jon Lord played a solo with Beethoven notes, and then "LAZY", really great. "PERFECT STRANGERS" and a very long "SPEED KING", with Morse and Gillan playing with the notes. and then a good bye.

The people sing a "WHOO WHOO" different to "Black Night" "Whoo", but very usually in the concerts on CHILE. Nevertheless, when Deep Purple get back and played "BLACK NIGHT", we knew what we got to do, of course with "Black Night" "WHOO". To end the concert "HIGHWAY STAR", the best song to me.

Boris C. Mejias Candia

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