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Brisbane Australia April 23, 1999

I've never done this before but what the hell I'm so inspired by the concert last night that I thought I would give it a go.

WOW! To say the least. Blew me outta my chair (not that security [or "Storm Troopers" as Ian Gillan referred to them as] at the Entertainment Centre allowed that to happen for very long!).

I've been a Deep Purple fan for the best part of 25 years I guess but that was my first live experience with the band and I just wanna see more and more. My personal highlight was hearing "Woman from Tokyo" (that was the song that made me a fan after having my older brother brainwash me with it over and over and over when he was trying to be a budding drummer during the early 70's). Since then I just can't hear enough.

To the show - as another reviewer has written already - Ritchie Who??? Isn't Steve (I can play anything, no seriously, anything!) Morse just the best guitarist around, he has just given them a whole new lease on life! Very awesome and from the female perspective I have to say he's none to bad to run the eye over either!

Ian Gillan looked like he was loving every minute of that show as did Roger Glover. Husband sitting alongside me commented several times about how fantastic Roger was playing and how clearly each instrument could be heard.

My ears are still ringing a little but the memory of the show makes it all worthwhile.

This is No Frills Rock and Roll to the Max!

Please don't leave it too long to come back to us - we simply loved every minute of it! It indeed is a Killer Machine - it's got Everything!!!

(Brisbane Australia)

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