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Deep Purple Live in São Paulo - March 20, 1999

I left Rio de Janeiro in the morning and after 5 hours was in São Paulo to see the best rock band on the planet. Days before people were asking me why I was going to São Paulo if Purple was going to play in Rio next week. I said that they don't come to Brazil often and one show is not enough for me.

The show was sold out. I don't know how many people Via Funchal can have room for, but I estimate that there were something between 5.000 and 7.000 people, all of them very excited since they were waiting in the lines, as we could hear groups singing Purple songs.

Well, let's talk about the show. Since the beginning it seemed that the band was happy and with so much energy, maybe because they were in the road again after 3 months. Despite this, I have to say that Jon Lord wasn't much inspired this night. He played well, as always, but I missed the magic and fire we know well. The rest of the guys were ok. Ian Gillan was in very good shape. I was afraid about his voice since I had heard he had some problems in some gigs of the European leg, but when he started to sing "Ted the Mechanic" I knew he was fine. What a singer! Roger Glover and Ian Paice made an amazing job too, but "the" man of the show was Steve Morse. It's incredible what this guy can do with a guitar in his hands. It's hard to describe his solos on "Pictures of Home". Magic moments, it's all I can say.

  1. Pictures of Home - magnific version with a wonderful jam in the final.
  2. Fireball - the heaviest version I?ve ever seen. I thought it could weaken the venue?s structure :-)
  3. Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming - what a surprise! I didn?t expect it since they weren?t playing it in the european leg. Great version!
  4. Watching the Sky - beautiful, very beautiful. Touched deep in the audience.
  5. Speed King - monster 15 minutes version!

    The only diappointments were:
  1. Jon's playing
  2. They played only 2 songs from A.band.on. I'm not a big fan of this CD, but if this is the A.band.on Tour, I would have liked to hear more of it's songs.

  1. Ted the Mechanic
  2. Strange Kind of Woman
  3. Bloodsucker
  4. Pictures of Home
  5. Almost Human
  6. Woman from Tokyo
  7. Watching the Sky
  8. Fireball
  9. Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
  10. Steve's solo
  11. Smoke on the Water
  12. Jon's solo
  13. Lazy
  14. Perfect Strangers
  15. Speed King
  16. Black Night
  17. Highway Star

Final note: These guys are still the best and no one can beat them.

Luiz Bezerra

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