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Thank you Deep Purple!

Last night I did something I should have done nearly three decades ago: I went to a Deep Purple Concert!

I'm a big fan of DP and have managed to make my 16-year-old son into another big fan. We had a happy feeling after the concert - it was quite an experience. What struck us was that the members of DP were so happy on stage. They really loved what they were doing and they had fun.

The audience were exstatic and showed their love for the band.

It is impossible for me to pick out any highlights since the whole show was one big super highlight for both me and my son. But probably the best part of the show for us was when Steve Morse - after "Smoke On The Water" - threw his plectrum down to my son and did "thumbs up" when he caught it.

I have som DVDs from DP's concerts and I think the band is more vital today than in many years. Ian Gillan's voice was much stronger than I had expected it to be and he seemed to be in good condition. Steve Morse was playing with a big smile on his face throughout the show. Unfortunately was Jon at the hospital but his replacement, Don Airey, was doing extremely well - how long has he been rehearsing with the others? [No more than three day! Rasmus] Roger Glover and Ian Paice looked (and sounded) fine too. They too had great fun and did some great solos.

In all a great experience and I would gladly change all other concerts with other artists I've been to to another DP concert of this kind. Thank you DP!

Kaj Åkesson

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