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Crying with laughter

The outdoor venue 5-oeren in Copenhagen is lovely - WHEN THE WEATHER IS NICE - it wasn't. Drizzling rain all through the evening. (well, it didn't pour down - could have been worse) The place is pretty close to Kastrup Airport quite far from the centre of town. It's beautifully situated right by the sea, outside there are nice big lawns to picnic on and the place it self is surrounded by trees which makes the concert area a bit shielded and kind of cosy.

The crowd is a usual Danish mellowy beer-drinking, smoking (now, what's that sweet smell?) crowd. Intermingled with the occasional drunk Swede, (Oh no, not me, I did that last time I was there and forgot most of the concert before I got home, not doing that again)

We got there too late to hear the support Baal and I know nothing about them. Manfred Mann played a little longer than the day before, with much the same effect as then.

Now, DP!!!
The setlist was the same as in Helsingborg, with one exception. This time I could see the band better than in Helsingborg. Don seemed a bit more secure and did some really nice things in his solos. He looked very concentrated, bordering on nervous at times, but as soon as a difficulty was over (and he managed them all) he smiled a happy kind of "Yeah! I Did it!"- smile.

Steve's music mix started with Foxy Lady, included amongst others "Sweet Home Alabama", a slight touch of "Blinded By the Light" - (the widdly thingy) and quite a lot I couldn't remember the names of.

In the middle of it Roger suddenly almost fell to his knees laughing, while IG was hanging over the congas crying with laughter, (I must have missed something there). Once again Don did a great job, again thanks, Don. The "Speed King"-duel was tighter than the night before and very, very good.

The first encore was "Black Night", where IG waited out the audience until we started singing it ourselves, (IG signing "Yes, that's the one") then the band started playing it, fun and games.

Ending was "Hush" and "HS" as the night before. A lovely concert all in all.

Now the really bad thing about 5-oeren is the transport away from there, the busses are just not many enough to swallow 6000 muddy fans trying to get home, nor are the cabs. So some serious waiting and/or walking took place.

CU next time guys!

Karin Wieslander

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