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More dancing and moving please!

I went to see Deep Purple (my 6th Purple concert) and I was looking forward to it for quite a time. I travelled to Nürnberg, which is 300km from my home, because I wanted to see Jon Lord. Bonn or Mosbach are much closer. Sadly Jon didn't play. I liked what Don played, he did a very good job, especially his Mozart and Rachmaninoff pieces, very funny! But personally I always go to see Purple for two special reasons: Jon Lord and Ian Paice.

Ian Gillan was in very good shape and had a fine voice. Better than all the other concerts I saw. He must have done some training - excellent! Roger Glover was as nice as ever, playing his bass in the usual 'grinning-way'. Steve Morse is such a brilliant guitarist! What can I say! Ian Paice had better solos than on Wednesday. I don't think he was concentrating enough. I always adore his one-hand drum roll, but this time it wouldn't work. I hope that one day he throws a drum stick to me!

The setlist was the same as the previous concerts. I don't think "Woman From Tokyo" is the best opener. "Mary Long" is one of my favourites, very cool live version. Apart from that, nothing spectacular. The band played well, as usual. I wished they had included some newer songs. The newest they played was "Ted", and that is 5 years old (apart from "The Well-Dressed Guitar").

One thing about the audience that destroyed all the fun. If somebody stands in the first, second or third row, how dare you not move? I stood centre right (looking from the stage to the crowd) and there were many people who just stood there paralysed! When my friend and I were dancing, they made mean faces. That I don't understand. If you just want to stand and look - go to the back! There was no mood at all, my hands were the only ones up. Strange and boring!

I hope next time there'll be more dancing and moving.


Jochen C. Martin

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