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More newer songs please

Leaving Munich it was partly raining but when I arrived in Nürnberg the weather was getting better. Having been at the Dresden concert before where it was about 33'C, the temperature went up to about 25'C.

The show was supposed to start at 7pm but they opened the gates late at about 6:15pm. The chosen location was the 'Park des Bayerischen Rundfunks' where they used a large meadow about the size of a football field. At first a local support band calling themselves 7Eleven played for about 40 minutes. The crowd gave them a warm welcome. At about 8pm aprilDAZE entered the stage and played for another 40 minutes getting a lot of applause from the crowd.

At 5 past nine Deep Purple started with their show. They were welcomed by a very enthusiastic crowd. Using the same setlist, I was able to compare the shows from Dresden and the one taking place. From my point of view the sound was excellent as much as it was during the past years when I happend to see them. The band itself had great fun, too. Being a great entertainer, Ian Gillan inspired the other guys, making them laugh all the time. Steve Morse dominated the music, while Don Airey was a bit too soft in the mix. He did have some solos though ("Lazy" and "Perfect Strangers") to show off his musicianship.

Overall, it was a very good concert without further surprises. The main differences to the performance in Dresden was a new intro to "Smoke On The Water" and a shorter middle part in "Speed King", with fewer riffs, a shorter drum solo and no "Gulf Of Mexico" by Roger Glover.

If I was to make a wish for the next concert, I would like them to put in more of the newer songs into the setlist.


Thomas Wieschke

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