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Still rockin'

I just came home from 'The Event' at the Lycabettus Theater.

The show was extraordinary, all band members did an excellent job. The playlist was almost all well-known and took us through a quick tour of the band's history. All songs were performed as if it were the good old times, all perfect.

The sound was cool and we could clearly hear those rockin' bits:

Ian Gillan - The spirit will never die
Ian Paice - Is there anything that he can't play?
Roger Glover - The band's rhythm 'n' strength
Steve Morse - Guitar virtuoso, one of a kind
Don Airey - Keep up the good work man, you're damn goooooood
Jon Lord - Key-lord, we want you back in action

Don is an excellent player and he played a superb intro (I can't remember to which song) that included a couple of Greek well-known songs such as "Zorba The Greek".

The group still rocks all around and they proved it with their perfomance and interaction with the fans which were all out of control hearing those hard rock tunes.

I can't say anymore because I want all the good memories for myself. ;^)

Hail rock'n'roll, hail D e e p_ P u rp Le.

Frank Pendarakis

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