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Alpine birthday

In Gampel, amidst the Alps, I had at last the privilege of enjoying for the first time Deep Purple on stage. What a memorable moment I shared with my family! I would like to express my admiration for the band: Having played some songs for 33 years (for instance "Hush") and still playing them today with an obvious great pleasure is something which really cheered me up.

Steve Morse’s smiles, the complicity between all, including Don Airey playing as a guest, and the joy expressed by all members doing what they are fond of made this concert something I shall never forget. The fact that the band had to travel a long way from Germany to Gampel and then back again is surely unusual and I send as well a big thank you for having done it for the Swiss fans.

As you know, Ian Gillan had his birthday in Gampel. He was offered, on stage, a symbolic cake. While Ian was kissing the nice ladies who brought it, the audience had the opportunity to hear a song which, perhaps, had never been played in public before: The band played "Happy Birthday"!

It was an everlasting experience and I thank Deep Purple for existing!

Serge Pheulpin

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