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What we haven't done for Deep Purple!!!

We all came down to Mon...te Carlo to see Deep Purple in concert...

Here's our adventure to see Deep Purple playing in Monte Carlo: all Saturday evening we tour all over Monte Carlo looking for the place where Purple is playing. We finally found it when the show had already started so we listened to them on the seaside and the impression was that they didn't play quite well. Some imprecision and songs not played too well (obviously it's just an impression that I recived from listening to them from 500 metres away).

Sunday afternoon we returned to Monte Carlo to buy tickets but the office was closed (!!!!!!). In the evening we came back again for the third time in two days to Monte Carlo to buy tickets at the official box office. We bought tickets five minutes before it closed!

So let's go to the concert.
First of all the place where Deep gave their show was quite unsual for us (and for Purple too). Everyone were dressed in smokings (obligatory) and sat at tables to eat or drink (a bottle of mineral water costs 30 dollars!!!!! A Jack Daniels 40 dollars (not the bottle - just a glass!!!!!). You should have seen our faces when we read the menu!!

The table next to our was one of hard rock musicians. They play in groups like The Cage or Voodoo Hlll. Maybe these names mean nothing to you but if I say that in these groups play people like Tony Martin and Don Airey (The Cage) and Glenn Hughes (Voodoo Hill). Maybe you get a better idea of what I'm talking about?

After a big band played some classic songs like "Sweet Home Chicago" there was a couple of shows with dancers and one with a guy dressed as Brandon Lee in the Crow - but let's get to Deep Purple's show! [Deep Purple joining the cabaret circuit? Rasmus]

The set list was too short - only one hour (and after what we have paid to see them!). However, it was a great Deep Purple show and they were all in great shape. Paice as always the best on drums, Roger and Steve made their job in an excellent way, Don who replaced Lord seemed like he'd ben playing with Deep Purple since 1968 - and last but absolutely not least: Ian Gillan in best shape since I dunno! I think he's coming back! Nothing compared to the Gillan of 90's. His voice this night was really amazing with all of his classic scream! He has been the best surprise of the evening for me!

The stage set-up was:
At the rear from left to right Ian Paice with his thunderous silver-sparkle Pearl drums then Don Airey. At the front from left to right: Roger Glover, Ian Gillan (in a white dress and no shoes) with his black congas and Steve Morse.

The room where they played was quite small. I think there were about 500 people and so we were really close to the band. In fact during the last three songs ("Smoke", "Hush" and "Highway Star") all of the crowd went crazy: They started to dance, throwing flowers onstage, waving towels and so on.

At the end of the show I manage to get the set list directly from Morse:

Woman From Tokyo
Ted The Mechanic
Well Dressed Guitar
Perfect Strangers
When A Blind Man Cries
Smoke On The Water
Highway Star

Final comments:
Even if we paid a lot to see the band, even if the show was short (even the riff raff pre "Smoke" was short: only "Whole Lotta Love"!), even if we were tied up in our smoking, even if we spent two days to find tickets... It still was a really great concert. Deep Purple are one of the few groups that can still make it, so hopes are high for a great new album.

P.S. The next day we met the tour bus on the highway. Don was sitting next to the bus driver and we salute him and he salute us!

Pietro Fossati

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