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Energy, fun and joy

What a hard way it was to finally arrive where we wanted. The "Grosser Elzpark" lies on the end of a little valley near the little town Mosbach, 50km up the Neckar river from Heidelberg. There was this huge traffic jam, joined by a heavy rain that fortunately ceased before the show.

The event began with a local rookie band, I asume they won this as an award to open the night. Next came Roger Chapman & The Shortlist. He was doing very well, rocking with a band of fine musicians. "Chapo" is definitely one of the better special guests DP has ever had, and he doesn't seem to complain about being 'just' a special guest. It took us all the time he played to queue for a slice of pizza!

About 9:30pm, DP came on stage welcomed by warm applause from about 8000 people.

Paicey gave the rhythm, and Steve added the riff to
To me it's a very clever way to get both the sound mixed through the intro and people's attention with this song. Furthermore, Don Airey set an impressive mark showing everybody there are few more enjoyable things than being the man on the DP-Keyboards.

One of the few younger songs of the show. However, this "story about one man's life story written on a napkin" is just a great song, which is made for improvisations... Awesome! Wonderful to see how easily and entirely Don Airey fills this place.

IG anounced the story about these sometimes hardly understandable decisions of women with what-kind-of-guy to finally get married:
Nice one, although it's not the best known. They worked out a fine and grooooving live version (to me it's like a "small brother" of "Smoke On The Water", very similar).

IG introduced Don Airey to the audience, and Don spread a big intro to:
This song was more or less the kick off to a big show of how much fun music can bring to an open and enthusiastic crowd.

I've hardly ever seen IG telling so many stories about the songs like this night, like "NO ONE CAME" and
I've hardly ever seen this band with more energy, fun and joy than on that stage. Especially Roger was jumping around more than ever.

Then we recalled ourselves the Concerto-Tour:

Now it was time for Don's Solo. Whilst playing, IP came up with a big beer, so Don played the "Hofbräu-Haus" tune, and some other ones just like a piano player in a bar. Great guy!

*The* musical highlight of the show! What can I say, this highlight lasted for the next 3 songs...

Steve's Radioshow

Outstanding in this sequence were Steve's Radioshow and "Speed King", where the band showed they just like to play and improvise at anytime. During that last song, Paicey and Roger had their solos, and IG was topping the bill with Steve with their duel in "Speed King".

The encores:
gave us a perfect and too soon ending to the whole show.

The show of five gentlemen who like to tell stories about their lives by playing instruments. I don't think I'll get tired of listening to them...


Christian M. Siegler

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