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What a night!

Deep Purple in Skanderborg. What a night! Not only did I get to see my all time favourite band but also one of my favourite guitarists: Alvin Lee.

Alvin did a superb job, but as it was getting later and darker we could feel what was going to be the highlight of the festival.

Deep Purple got on stage and blew everyone away with a great version of "Woman From Tokyo". I was surprised to see them so at it. Gillan was in great shape and Roger Glover played the bass from the bottom of his soul. Too bad Jon Lord couldn’t make it.

Another bad thing was that some idiots in the audience kept throwing beer at my heroes. I couldn’t believe my eyes when someone threw a squeezed orange right at Ian Gillan just as he was telling the crowd how nice they were and how much that meant to them. Talk about a rough audience!

The show was great anyway, although you could see by the look on their faces that they were hurt by the unfriendly welcome. Unfortunately I missed some great parts of the show because I got pushed around by the drunk, mean and fighting Danish crowd. I couldn’t wait to get home to Sweden to see Purple in Helsingborg.

John Garmland

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