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The secret of "Black Night"

Well, as there already are four reviews from this show, all covering it quite well, I shall only mention the highlights and differences I noticed compared with the other two shows I witnessed this weekend.

The set was the same, except that "Black Night" was added to the encores again. To the Norwegians who wondered why "Black Night" wasn´t played at Drøbak, I have an idea why. I wasn´t in Drøbak, so I don´t know about that, but in Skanderborg the audience was yelling the riff in the pause between the set and the encores. When Ian Gillan entered the stage again he encouraged the crowd to continue, and then the band started playing it. In Helsingborg the audience only sang "Helan gor" (joke), and I believe this is the song they don´t know. Relating to that, in Copenhagen we began singing the riff again, and again they came on and played it!

As highlights shall be mentioned the solos, Don was really giving us goosebumps this time, and as for Steve: How can a man with his experience and skills still manage to get better every day? He is amazing! The duel in "Speed King" was really something. Roger's solo was great, and Paice did the one-hand roll in his solo.

"It´s Now Or Never" and "The Highschool Hop" were replaced by Buddy Holly´s "Rave On", giving great fun to all of us (and themselves).

All in all, a great show too, even though I think there was a little lack of energy, (or maybe it was the bad weather), but the spirit was the same.

Thanks for now, good luck, I hope they´ll soon be back!!!!

Ole Andersen

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