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All bannered up with no one to show

I had prepared a banner which said "Welcome back Jon 'wounded knee' Lord" and was shocked when I saw Don Airey go up to play Jon's part. Well, there I was with my banner.

As I thought they would, Purple started off with "Woman From Tokyo". I will not say what the set list had, but what it was missing in my humble opinion. For example "Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming" or anything else from the last two albums.

Ok, so far so good. It was the fourth Deep Purple line up I saw in the 9th Deep Purple Concert I attended. Well, I have to say it was the second best and very close to what I consider the best line up (Gillan/Glover/Lord/Morse/Paice).

Don Airey did a good job filling in for Lord. I defended him when the guy next to me said he would rather have Rick Wakeman(??!!??) join Purple for Lord.

After every show I want to go backstage and just thank the band for doing such a good job. I hope I will have the chance sometime.

Deep Purple is and always will be the best band in the world.


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